October Unprocessed: The Latter Half

Well, I slacked off on photographing the last two weeks of October Unprocessed. Work was busy, evenings have been busier, and photographing and blogging have not been my primary concerns. But it’s Halloween Night, we’re watching Shaun of the Dead and passing out candy, I’m gearing up for the NaNoWriMo kickoff event (yes, I said IContinue reading “October Unprocessed: The Latter Half”

October Unprocessed: Week 2

  I didn’t get as many photos this week, largely because we made a number of the same recipes (avocado toast, avocado, pudding, the couscous dish, and the noodle salad are regular staples in our weekly meals). In addition, there was a bulgar wheat and lentil salad that I forgot to photograph (but fortunately, I’mContinue reading “October Unprocessed: Week 2”

October Unprocessed: Week 1

I’m doing October Unprocessed again this year. Since I know what to expect, this year will be more about sharing what, exactly I ate, rather than recording my experiences and impressions. I used The New Moosewood Cookbook a lot this week, as most of the things in it either are or can be modified to be unprocessed,Continue reading “October Unprocessed: Week 1”