Infinite Summer – Halfway There! (Early!)

This evening, after work and a haircut and dancing, I sat down to read a bit of Infinite Jest. A few minutes ago, I reached the section break of page 507, which, according to the Index, means I am just over 51% of the way finished with the book. Also according to the Index, I don’t need to be there until August 6th. Meaning that, despite my struggles with the novel, at least I’m still reading! And I’m likely going to finish ahead of schedule – or, at the very least, I have a buffer so if I experience a setback, I can finish on time.

I love the comics featured at this post from Infinite Summer. Like the character in the first comic, I feel like I’ve been reading this for 100 years. Except I’ve only been reading for a month! I can’t believe how long this month has felt in my reading life. And I imagine I’ll feel the same way at the end of August, too. Even though I’m struggling and I expect I’ll feel lukewarm about the content (though not the style, which I adore), I’m going to finish this thing.

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