December Accomplishments

Despite all of the holiday-related fun I had in December, this was a pretty good month for my my writing. Here is what I managed to accomplish:

  • Wrote 32 poems
  • Submitted 14 poems
  • Submitted my chapbook manuscript to two competitions
  • Found a new system for keeping track of my submissions (I ended up going with Writer’s Database).
  • Drafted one of my prose ideas I had bouncing around. Except it turned into an epic poem. Whoops! I’d never written an epic poem before, so I’m pretty proud of this. I’d hoped to have a draft ready to show by the new year, but revising to make sure the meter works has been a real challenge, so I’m still plowing away.

All in all, December was a great month! I produced fewer poems than I’d been writing in the past few months, but the epic took up a lot of my time.

I’ve set some pretty big goals for my writing in 2012. Here are some specifics for January that will help me accomplish that:

  • Continue with my regular poetry writing and submitting practice
  • Complete the River of Stones project in January (small stones do not count toward my poem-a-day goal)
  • Complete Kelli Russell Agodon’s New Year’s Poetry Resolution Party
  • Complete a draft of one prose piece
  • Complete a draft of the epic poem that I can show  beta readers for feedback

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