February Accomplishments

February didn’t feel all that productive at the beginning, but I was working at a pretty good clip at the end. Here’s what I accomplished:

  • Wrote 31 poems
  • Submitted 11 poems
  • Submitted my chapbook manuscript twice
  • Finished the February stage of my ghostwriting project
  • Attended both February Wingbeats workshops
  • Went through my fiction folder and organized all the prose drafts in various stages of completeness, and made progress revising some of them.

I did not:

  • Complete a draft of a prose piece
  • Finish revisions to my epic poem. However, I at least have a good reason for that. While attempting to revise, I realized that the draft was more of a practice piece. After reading Bryce Milligan’s Alms for Oblivion, I realized what my epic poem could be, and that the draft I had written was not working toward that ultimate goal. That was more like a long prewriting session. I’ve decided to trunk the epic poem for March and return to it in April. Making progress on the new version of that piece will be my goal for National Poetry Month.

Here’s what’s on the docket for March:

  • Continue my regular write/revise/submit practice
  • Finish a first draft of a fiction piece
  • Continue to make progress on my list of fiction-in-progress
  • Do reading and brainstorming for the epic poem, so I’ll be ready with ideas when April arrives
  • Finish my poetry table project

I’m tempted to add more goals, but March is going to be a busy month for my non-writing life as well. My dance partner is getting married, and I’m a bridesmaid (plus I’m organizing his fianceé’s bachelorette party). And the weekend after that, I have a dance competition. So the first three weekends of March are booked solid. So I’ve probably planned enough.

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