Pending Investigation [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Jester Queen challenged me with “I’m certain you’re an honest young man. Nonetheless, I need concrete proof before I can make an accusation of that nature” and I challenged Michael with “I’ve got half a mind to destroy the world that destroyed me.”

Pending Investigation

“I’m certain

(Though I keep the lies out of my voice;

            I speak in even tones, level out my

            words, because the illusion of belief

            is what matters here, and I’ll never get

            the truth if you’re uncertain about me)

you’re an honest

(Though I don’t know the truth, but

            I know it’s not coming from your

            tongue. I know that there’s a corpse,

            shells that fit your pistol, and that

            unlike the person you accuse,

            you still don’t have an alibi)

young man. Nonetheless

(Though solving these cases

            is in my blood, my breath;

            the scent of a rat is always

            on my nose, the sound of

            a lie is always in my ears.

Are you stupid? What are

            trying to pull? Do you know

            who you’re talking to?)

before I can make

(Before I could even begin

            to pretend that any word

            from your mouth could be

            believed, that the stench of

            crime doesn’t hang in a cloud

            above your head, that the person

            you accuse hasn’t already

            been cleared of all suspicion)

an accusation of that kind.”

(I can hardly wait to hear

            how you talk your way

            through this mess)


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This was a tough one for me, because it conjures up the idea of a crime or mystery, and that’s not my genre at all. At a loss for what to do, I tried a thesaurus mapping exercise from Wingbeats and through that decided to try a poem from the perspective of the investigator.

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