Big Poetry Giveaway 2012!

It’s time for National Poetry Month, and to celebrate, I’m participating in the 3rd Annual Big Poetry Giveaway!

For any new visitors the giveaway has brought to this blog, welcome! Allow me to introduce myself (readers who know me might want to skip down a few lines): I’m an Ohio native now making my home in Austin, Texas. I adore my adopted state (well, not the politics of it…), and constantly drawn on the landscape as fodder for my poetry. Although I have been writing since I was twelve, I only became truly serious about poetry in 2009. Since then, my poems have appeared in a variety of places (click here for the full list), and I now have a chapbook manuscript out for submission. In addition to poetry and a day job, I love to dance, and compete in west coast swing. Finally, I have an obsession with avocados.

I’ve been reading Kelli Russell Agodon’s blog for years, which is how I came to learn about the Big Poetry Giveaway. The other writers who inspire me are Drew Myron (a recent addition to my blogroll, but nonetheless important to me),  Christine Hennessey (she’s been on my blog radar the longest — since 2006, I think), Shanna Germain, Chuck Wendig, and Bon Steele.

Although I don’t have a book of my own to give away this year (here’s hoping for 2013!), I’m offering up two excellent collections.

First up is Susan Wheeler‘s Ledger. Structured around the concept of finance, Wheeler’s text is no dull accounting textbook. It draws on history and art in its discussions of money and consumerism, spanning hilarity and sorrow. And it’s also the kind of collection that doesn’t feel constrained by theme. It’s not rigidly tied to it; none of the poems here feels forced.It has a concept, but is free to move around as necessary.

I’m also giving away Allison Benis White‘s Self-Portrait with Crayon. This book uses Degas paintings as a frame for the theme of loss that runs through these pieces. It’s a collection of prose poems rather than verse, and I have a particular fondness for this form, which is another reason I chose it.

The drawing is open to anyone, anywhere, and will run through the entire month of April. If you’d like to enter, please leave a comment here with your name and email address before 11:59 p.m. on April 30th. I’ll randomly select two winners on May 1st. Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Big Poetry Giveaway 2012!

  1. I also found out about all of this kind of stuff, from following Kelli and Drew’s wonderful blogs.
    So we obviously have good taste, in common.


  2. Allyson,
    What a lovely surprise to see my name on your blog. You are kind. Thank you.

    Your book offerings look great. I would be thrilled to win (but equally content to add them to my reading/must-purchase list).

    This annual giveaway is such a wonderful way to discover poets and to share the love of good words. Please count me in.


  3. Allyson: Please sign me in for a chance of winning one of your fine books through this year’s Big Poetry Giveaway. If I’m lucky enough to win one of your books, I will promise you I’ll read and review it for my popular, monthly online newsletter, which is read by many of this state’s serious poets.

    Thank you!

    Ronald Lewis
    Vermont Poetry Newsletter
    & Poetry Event Calendar


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