Feminist Friday: Answer To Yourself



I had a couple of vague ideas for what I was going to write about for Feminist Friday this week. And then when I logged into WordPress, the first thing I saw was this post from wildfeministappears. And before I was halfway through, I knew I’d be sharing it this week.

This post was particularly welcome on a day when I spent too much time arguing with someone on the internet about feminism. It made me angry. But that anger didn’t lead to anything productive. This post felt timely, because it was an important reminder that anger can be a tool, but it needs to be honed and controlled (not stifled and ignored, but controlled), and be put to good use.

I could easily copy and paste the entire thing here, but I think it’s better if you go read the entire post. But I will leave you with the crux of the piece:

This last bit is for everyone.

Look at yourself in the mirror and explain to yourself why you are doing what you are doing.  Ask yourself these questions.

Is it my choice, or is it a decision based on pressure from another source?

Is my choice going to hurt others, and if it is, am I ready to commit to causing harm to others for my own self-gratification?

Is my choice going to help others, and if it is, am I ready to commit to being there for others and accept their choices regardless of how I feel about them?

Am I willing to defend my choice?

Do I have good reasoning for my choice?

Am I ashamed of my choice at all?

Am I unabashedly joyful about my choice?

Does my choice obstruct another person’s freedom?

Answer to yourself every fucking day.

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