Weekly readings

Another week has closed, and with it comes some excellent writing.

Patti Smith’s Horses by Philip Shaw — I just started this tiny volume about one of my all-time favorite albums.

Kate Greenstreet’s 104 First Book Interviews — the original series. All illuminating. I’m learning so much.

Murmuration. The Poetry of the Morning Walk.” by Christie Aschwanden — It was only a few months ago that I learned what murmuration was. I hope to actually see one in action someday.

The psychology of anthropomorphism, or why I felt empathy towards a piece of trash” by Brooke Borel — It’s nice to know that science shows I’m not the only one who has encountered this issue.

Paisley Rekdal’s open letter to Christian Ward — Really, this story is appalling. Good for Paisley for speaking up.

A wonderful interview with Sharon Olds — I especially love this: “A poem doesn’t intensify experience, it adds to it. And it is not about a different person, is it? It is the same person who has made a song.”

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