Publication update

Woo! Time really flew by last month. My work appeared places! And I never linked to them because I’ve been a delinquent blogger!

If you missed my Writing on the Air appearance, you can find a link to the show archive here.

I have a villanelle entitled “I hear the thunder” in an anthology entitled Journey to Crone. I’m excited to be placed within this group of amazing poets, and also thrilled to have a villanelle published. It’s a tricky form, and more often than not, mine don’t even make it out for submission.

In preparation for the Pulitzer Remix project, you can read more about my work and my relationship to my source text here.

I keep thinking that April is going to be a less-hectic month, because I’m not traveling, but in fact I’m attending Poetry at Round Top. It’s just that now that I live in Texas, any drive that takes less than 2 hours no longer counts as traveling. There’s also the Austin International Poetry Festival. And my birthday, and a friend’s birthday. And, of course, the Pulitzer Remix project.

(I’ve come to accept that I’m one of those people that just thrives on being busy.)

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