Pulitzer Remix: Week 1

I’m posting my Pulitzer Remix poems over on the project site, but here’s a roundup of the first week!

The first five days, I created black-out poems. These pieces were all creative stretches for me; I have only created black-out pieces a handful of times. But I’m in a really busy period at work, and black-out poems are portable. I can carry pages around and work on them during breaks in my schedule. When I come home, I re-do the blackout in Photoshop.

I notice that, for the most part, these pieces are more abstract than my usual style. This is neither intention or unintentional; it’s simply what’s happening. I might try to return to more concrete pieces as I move on with the rest of the month. Or I might not.

What I do know is that writing in a voice that’s not my own is thrilling.

April 1st: “Antelope Visions

April 2nd: “Voice of Light

April 3rd: “Caught, Choking

April 4th: “The Night of Living

April 5th: “Will to Live

April 6th: “124

April 7th: “Yesterday, Tomorrow

3 thoughts on “Pulitzer Remix: Week 1

  1. Love the blackout poems, Allyson. And would really like to hear more about the Remix “rules” and process. You’ve taken on a big challenge. Write on!

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