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It’s been a while since I’ve done a reading report…well, it’s been a while since I’ve done any blogging! But March was a crazy month. Between travel, poetry readings, and getting into the busy season at work, I’ve barely had time for sitting down and writing poems, much less blog posts. But here’s an assortment of great books and articles I’ve read throughout the month.

Sandra Cisneros, Loose Woman. This is one of my all-time favorite poetry collections, and I find myself returning to it as spring really starts to emerge. I don’t do it consciously. But this time of year, this is the book I want to read.

John Darnielle apparently has a novel coming out. This is cause for much joy in my household. (And I am sure I’m going to love it, because John Darnielle made me interested in a novella centered around Black Sabbath, and I quite honestly have no musical interest in Black Sabbath in general. Nothing personal, Ozzy.)

Drew Myron wrote a beautiful post about being a good literary citizen. I’m glad to see I already employ most of these habits.

Poetry in Person: Twenty-five Years of Conversation with America’s Poets, edited by Alexander Neubauer. I just started this book yesterday, and don’t want to put it down. I love reading or listening to poets discuss the process of writing. Often, I enjoy the process more than publication.

Liliana Valenzuela’s Codex of Journeys: Bendito camino. Makes me want to learn Spanish. For real this time.

Poet and friend Debra Winegarten was interviewed for a book marketing blog last month, and I’ve been employing her advice to promote my chapbook. I often say I have to channel my Inner Deb to do the work of marketing. Some people love it; I am not one of them.


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