Pulitzer Remix, Weeks 3 and 4.

April has been a busy month, with little time for blogging. So I slacked off on linking to the Pulitzer Remix poems. But it’s the last night of this project, so time for one more roundup!

April 15th: “Stranger

April 16th: “Break Free

April 17th: “Open Window

April 18th: “Ennui

April 19th: “It’s not being sure that keeps him alive

April 20th: “We are all trying to leave our bodies behind

April 21st: “Kitchen

April 22nd: “For one thing

April 23rd: “Summertime, and the living is…

April 24th: “Scene

April 25th: “Summer, Ending

April 26th: “On the subject of her martyrdom

April 27th: “A Hot Thing

April 28th: “Financial Times

April 29th: “She couldn’t get over the city

April 30th: “High Summer

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