The Best of It: I Really Shouldn’t Save the Title for Last Edition

Issues 1 and 50 of Borderlands side by side, both featuring art by James Surls.
  1. I finally finished issue inventory for Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review!
  2. I cut my thumb deeply yesterday, but thanks to super glue and butterfly bandages, I avoiding needing to go to the ER for stitches.
  3. That I’ve gotten diligent about sharpening my knives every month. A dull knife would have caused way more damage!
  4. Michi Ramen has an option on their to-go menu where you can swap out the meat and swap in two ajitama. As someone who adores ajitama, I’m thrilled!
  5. I appreciate that my neighbors all understand who gets sidewalk space and who has to step into the bike lane to maintain social distancing when we pass each other.

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